Are precious metals worth the investment?

Precious metal like gold, has always been a safe haven for investors, especially during economic turmoil and political unrest as seen over the last couple of years. 

The gold market is not impacted by global occurrences and supply and demand in the same way as other assets. During periods where interest rates are very low and market returns are generally not high on other assets, gold prices tend to go up.
•    Protects against inflation risk
•    Easy to buy and sell
•    Financial stability during volatile economic times
•    Gains value over time 
•    Increases value when stocks, bonds, and fiat currencies decline
•    Good way to diversify your portfolio

“Gold is a stable commodity and adding it to your portfolio could help reduce volatility and risk during economic instability. Also, it offers inflation protection as precious metals do not carry credit risk or are affected by inflation” *

In modern times, countries stockpile gold bullion as security. If markets crash, economies flounder, or banks and fiat currency are affected, gold maintains its value. It is the one stable constant for any economy, and it creates a global standard of value.

Because gold is a commodity, it is not always practical to have gold bullion or gold coins stored away in a bank vault as governments do. 

What alternatives are there for investors to buy gold?
•    ETF’s – investing in Exchange Traded Funds that track gold as a commodity
•    Mining stock – Investing in mines that produce gold
•    Mutual funds that have invested in the mining or precious metals sectors
•    Gold jewellery
•    Digital assets - Cryptocurrency like PAX Gold (PAXG) for example – trading using Ethereum blockchain where you also buy actual gold that is stored in a vault at Paxos trust company. 

Your advisor can help you diversify your portfolio into gold or gold-based investments. You can also invest in PAX Gold via the deVere Crypto app. [email protected]

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