What is a living will?

Having a will in place is important to ensure that your wishes are taken care off when you pass on and that the right people inherit your assets.

There is another type of will that becomes effective before you pass on, called a living will. 

A living will, is a separate legal document that gives advance instructions in the event that you cannot make medical decisions if you become incapacitated. These could include refusal or preference for certain medical treatments e.g. no blood transfusions, prefer herbal and alternative medicines if terminal, or suffer from dementia etc.

This document is usually drafted if you suspect that your health may deteriorate over time (hereditary disease), if you are suffering from an illness that will leave you incapacitated, or are possibly involved in an accident. 

Take note that this legal document cannot give others permission to make medical decisions on your behalf and will only be binding for the conditions or situations stated in the living will.

Always make sure that your will is legal and correctly drawn up by an advisor, and it is preferable to consult with your doctor before drafting a living will in addition to your existing will, as it might not be suitable for everyone. [email protected]

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